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Boarding Long-Term Agreement and Consent Form

Complete the boarding agreement and consent form to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during their stay.

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Boarding Long-Term Agreement and Consent Form

We kindly request that you thoroughly review the form, ensuring all details are accurate and complete, for your pet’s boarding long-term agreement and consent.

Boarding Long-Term Agreement and Consent Form

(1 Form per Household)

Boarding Terms and Conditions

(Revised: April 2023)

1. I understand that if I have multiple pets within my household this form will and shall apply to all my pets within my Household and Northwood Animal Hospital Account.
2. All Pets left for Boarding must be current on all Northwood Animal Hospital's required vaccinations and free of fleas and ticks, and intestinal parasites, or they will be treated on admission or during their stay at the owner’s expense. All pets are inspected by our healthcare team/kennel team at check-in/in-take.

3. Personal items are NOT permitted and will NOT be accepted. These items include but are not limited to: Beds, blankets, and toys. Our Kennel facility is set up to offer your pet the comforts of home such as the items mentioned above, while eliminating the hassle of bringing those items from home, misplacement, and or damage. We are not responsible for personal items.

4. If during your pet's stay he/she requires medicine or he/she runs out of medicine left at check in, and our staff attempted to contact you with the information we have on file and were unsuccessful, and our veterinarian's deemed the medicine to be a must for your pet's well being, Northwood Animal Hospital will dispense and administer such medicine at owner's expense.

5. If a tranquilizer/sedation is necessary for treatment or handling, Northwood Animal Hospital has owner's permission to administer such medication at owner’s expense.

6. There is always a probability that my pet contracts a communicable disease while at or from our boarding facility. Although Northwood Animal Hospital has very strict and rigorous cleaning processes, Northwood Animal Hospital has no control of external factors. Pet owners assume the risks and accept the responsibility for the costs associated for treatments and agree to hold Northwood Animal Hospital harmless or liable from expenses incurred. Our veterinarians may instruct our staff to contact a pet owner and have the pet picked up immediately if needed.

7. Pets are to be picked up during business hours. Monday - Friday. There is NO After Hours or Holiday Pick Ups. If your pet is to receive a bath, departures are at the end of the day, unless arranged otherwise and confirmed by our staff. Northwood Animal Hospital will contact client via phone and/or through our Pet Desk App to let pet parents know when their pets are ready. Northwood Animal Hospital reserves the right to refuse bath services for the safety of pets and staff if deemed necessary. Additional charges will apply for baths.

8. I am responsible for notifying Northwood Animal Hospital Staff of any and all changes or updates to my personal information or information that needs to be updated and must sign a new Long-Term Boarding Agreement Form.

Northwood Animal Hospital is not responsible for incomplete or outdated agreement forms, it is the client's responsibility to ensure agreement forms are in file and up to date.

9. I am aware that Northwood Animal Hospital "NAH" may capture pictures/videos of my pet and their pet owners or owner's agent while on-premises, and may use, reuse, and publish such pictures/videos on their social media platforms, website, and/or clinic use for marketing purposes. I release Northwood Animal Hospital from any demands arising out of the use of such images or videos without limitation, all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

I understand that while my pet(s) are boarding at Northwood Animal Hospital "NAH", there are no guarantees made by Northwood Animal Hospital that my pet(s) photos/videos will be taken while here. Our staff works hard at focusing on your pet(s) experience while here and as such, has limited availability to take photos of every pet within their care.

10. I understand that boarding dogs may be eligible to participate in doggie day camp while boarding as long as my pet meets the requirements listed within the Day Camp Consent Form and passes a behavior evaluation with Northwood Animal Hospital staff. DDC Consent Form
11. It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement/form can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed agreements, releases, or forms.

By entering your name below, the pet owner has read the boarding terms and conditions above and agrees to them fully.

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