NAH’s Policies & Guidelines

Deposit/rescheduling/cancellation policy & fees for scheduled anesthetic/surgical/dental procedures

  • Deposits: All Anesthetic/Surgical/Dental Procedures require a $100 Deposit in order to schedule the actual procedure. Deposits are applied towards the total cost of the procedure at checkout.
  • Re-Scheduling / Late Arrivals: If the need to reschedule a procedure arises with more than 2 weeks advance notice from the procedure’s original scheduled date, deposits are rolled over/applied to cover such requirements for the new procedure date (rescheduled date).

If a procedure is rescheduled with a notice less than 2 weeks from the procedure’s original scheduled date, an additional $50 deposit will be required in order to re-schedule the procedure. All deposits are applied towards the total cost of the procedure at checkout.

Late arrivals of more than 15 minutes without reasonable advance notice on the day of a scheduled procedure, are then at a high risk of being rescheduled at the attending Veterinarian’s discretion. Additional rescheduling deposits will apply.

  • Cancellations / No Calls-No Shows: Deposits are refunded in full only (if there is no need to reschedule the procedure) if an advance notice of 48 business hours or more is given to us, and such notice is acknowledged and approved by us (notices received after business hours are considered received on the following business day).

Cancellations with notices less than 48 business hours (notices received after business hours are considered received on the following business day) or No Call-No Shows will automatically forfeit all deposits on account/escrow, and could potentially incur additional charges.

Nah’s Approach to Pricing (Pricing Policy)

Just like many other business, NAH’s prices are subject to change without notice. We wish we could have even a slight part on how our partners, inventory suppliers, pharmaceuticals, equipment and even utilities costs are adjusted and increased seems like each passing year. Since, we can’t control price increases from external sources (suppliers), what we try to do here at NAH is be as competitive as possible, and price ourselves accordingly and in reflection of the value we as team members bring to our clients and pets at each point of contact.

A Brief Statement From Our Management Team About Our Approach To Pricing

In today’s market, Pricing Strategies drive consumer’s purchasing decisions. This is why our practice proactively prices services and inventory products competitively. Research is made from online sources as well as local sources, to ensure we can provide our clients with the best possible value. Most of the time, our prices are comparable to, if not less than, those of online sources such as “1800-PetMeds,, and Foster & Smith,” to name a few.

We are able to offer products shipped straight from the manufacturer/distributor without jeopardizing the safety of your pet due to unknown product conditions, invalidity of manufacturer guarantees, and possible diminished efficacy due to unknown origin of products from online sources.

Lastly, NAH is a family owned and operated business, which means your trust and patronage is greatly appreciated, and allows us to help over 30 families in our community. We thank you for thinking local and shopping local.