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Doggie Day Camp Agreement and Consent Form

Fill out our doggie day camp agreement and consent form to ensure your pet can enjoy a fun and safe experience at our doggie day camp.

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Doggie Day Camp Agreement and Consent Form

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Doggie Day Camp Agreement and Consent Form

(1 Form per Pet)


Revised: April 2023

1. This facility requires that all dogs attending doggie day camp "DDC" for ease of spelling, to have proof that appropriate vaccines have been administered and are current and approved by our DVMs. Pets that are so young that they have not completed their entire vaccines series may not yet be fully protected and, therefore these pets will not be allowed in DDC. Also, any pets that are over the age of 6 months and have not been spayed or neutered, will not be able to participate in DDC.

2. I commit to disclose that the above-named dog(s) is in good health and has not been showing any clinical signs or received treatment for any communicable disease within the last 21 days from each visit. I further certify that the dog(s) named above has caused harm to nor shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards people or other animals.

3. DDC involves group play with other dogs. Although our staff will supervise all participants, I accept that behavior, unknown, or undocumented aggression, or participation in routine daily activities can lead to altercations and/or injuries to humans and/or pets. I assume the risks of and financial responsibility for the costs to treat any injuries my dog sustains while participating in DDC. I release Northwood Animal Hospital from any and all liability that may arise while my pet(s) are at our Facility.

4. In the event my dog contracts a communicable disease while at or from attending DDC, I assume the risks and accept responsibility for the costs of all treatments. I also agree to withhold my dog from this program until he/she has been cleared by one of our Veterinarians. Although the risks of acquiring a communicable disease are small, I accept them and, in the absence of negligence, agree to hold Northwood Animal Hospital harmless or liable from expenses incurred from such treatment.

5. I understand and agree that if the need arises, medical care for my pet will be available on-site and I agree to pay all costs from such care. Someone will attempt to contact the pet owner or owner's agent as soon as possible in case medical care is needed, If unable to reach the pet owner or agent, and/or in case of an emergency or if deemed necessary by one of our Veterinarians, medical care will be provided at owner's expense.

6. Northwood Animal Hospital may capture pictures/videos of my pet, their pet owners or owner's agent while on premises, and may use, reuse, and publish such pictures/videos on their social media platforms, website, and/or clinic use for marketing purposes. I release Northwood Animal Hospital from any demands arising out of the use of such images or videos without limitation, all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

7. I understand that while my pet(s) is participating in the DDC program, there are no guarantees made by Northwood Animal Hospital that my pet(s) photos/videos will be taken while here. Our staff works hard at focusing on your pet(s) experience while here and as such, has limited availability to take photos of every pet within their care.

8. Due to the outdoor nature of our play yards, day campers will be out in many types of weather, such as rain and snow. During the warmer months, they will have access to play in the pools and hoses. Day campers are likely to return home with damp coats on these days unless the pet owner chooses to opt-out of water play. There will be additional charges for pets needing to be blow-dried prior to departure (per owner's request) from their camp experience.

9. I acknowledge that my pet's DDC reservations can be made by texting us or sending us a Pet Desk request for the specified date(s). As of August 2022, there will be a $5 cancellation fee imposed to the owner's accounts in the event that a scheduled pet does not attend their scheduled reservation or cancels their DDC reservation within 24 business hours (After business hours cancellation notices requested/received are considered received the next business day. i.e. weekends and holidays).

10. It is also further understood and agreed that the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all other signed contracts, agreements or forms.

I have read and understood Doggie Day Camp's "DDC" Terms and Conditions, and on my own will, wish to have my pet (s) participate in this facility's doggie day camp program.

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